What’s up, I’m Marina. Yes, like a boat marina.

I’m an adventure traveler, a curious foodie and an avid people watcher who loves to explore the world.

This blog began in May 2015 after I graduated from the University of Michigan and moved to New York City . I used it as a platform to write about the Seinfeld-like moments that happened to me in Manhattan. Then in July 2017, I packed my bags and got a one-way ticket to Tokyo. I’ve since been traveling the world and I’m currently based in Australia. So I guess this blog turned into a no-filter journal of my travel misadventures.

My motto has always been: when’s the last time you did something for the first time? Because I’m spontaneously crossing things off my bucket list, and that’s where Marina’s Milestones was born.

I’ve traveled to 30 countries around the world and 25 states in America. Wanna know what it’s like to bungee jump off a gondola in Switzerland? Or shark cage dive in freezing waters off the coast of Cape Town? Or how to kill an Octopus with your bare hands? I’m sharing my unconventional (somewhat funny) experiences with you, with the hope to help you see that life shouldn’t be scary because adventure lies in the unknown. Take those once-in-a-lifetime experiences and explore the world.

I’m a passionate writer who has published work with: Spoon University HQ, Business Insider, INSIDER, AWOL, Thrillist, Contiki Six-TwoGold Coast Magazine, Hostelworld, Nomad’s World, Thought Catalog, The Urban List, and Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine.

Follow my adventures or drop a line on my FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (@marina_jane). I’m always happy to chat or give travel advice! Nothing makes me happier than helping people see the world.

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