Freelance Work

I currently have 6 years of writing experience under my belt and it all started at the University of Michigan. From there, I moved to New York City where I dabbled in sports writing, retail reporting and health and food writing. Now, I freelance write from wherever I am in the world. I like to explore different topics and share engaging travel experiences with readers.

Around the Web:

Read what I wrote for Business Insider(People really like hot dogs and chicken nuggets).

Or some of my freelance work for Thrillist Health (yes, I wrote about farts).

When I’m not writing about travel, I’m writing about food. Check out all of the food news I covered for Spoon University. (Can you tell I like fast food?)

I can plan your itinerary if you want to go snorkeling in the Florida Keys on

Or teach you how to be a confident traveler on Hostelworld.

Check out my tips for smashing the Full Moon Party on Contiki.

Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine published my nauseating thoughts while on the daunting bus ride from Chiang Mai to Pai.

Here’s an American’s drinking guide to Australia and my suggestions for 5 things you absolutely need in your daypack that I wrote for Nomad’s World.

I like to get creative with Urban List and tell you which dessert you should try in Melbourne, based on your zodiac sign.

Oh, I can get pretty deep on Thought Catalog.

Writing for these publications helps me develop my own voice, which I express on Marina’s Milestones. I love sharing my own bizarre travel and food experiences with you. Because I’m that girl who people say, “That would happen to you.” Can’t help it.

Work with me! Contact for any freelance writing opportunities.