15 Odd Things About Australia That You Need to Know About

“So all I have to do is tap my credit card onto this machine?”


“And there’s no chip?”

“No… what?”

“Omg I love this country.”


While I was writing the post about what you’ll miss about America when you move to Australia, it got me thinking about everything that Australia has that the US doesn’t have.

More often than not, I think about how behind Australia is from America. For example, same sex marriage isn’t fully recognized here (which completely throws me off because it seems like such a progressive country). But then there are things like PayWave which makes spending money as easy as a tap on a screen. No more inserting a chip and waiting five minutes for the transaction to process (hallelujah).

So with all of this back and forth thinking about how behind, yet seemingly revolutionary Australia is, I made a list of everything Australia has that the United States may or may not need. Because some of these things we can do without.

  1. PayWave. Clearly, I am very excited about this invention. Does it make spending money quick and easy? Yes. Is it a bad thing? Yes.
  2. A very clean transportation system. Including trains, taxies, Ubers, bikes, and strollers.
  3. Paying for gas AFTER you fill it up. Actually, America is not mature enough for this.
  4. Vegemite. The US does not need this.
  5. Tim Tams. These cookies rival Oreos and FYI, we got them in America this year. So go to the store and get them right now.
  6. McDonald’s delivery. Groundbreaking.
  7. McDonald’s coffee that’s made with love and care by a barista who’s paid more than minimum wage.
  8. I’m just gonna put that out there that Australia’s version of Blockbuster is still alive and well. And it’s unnecessary.
  9. No speed traps. Although, Australia does have sneaky road cameras that will catch you even if you’re going 5 mph over the speed limit and then send you a $200 ticket in the mail a month later. I don’t really know which is worse.
  10. Kangaroos and koalas.
  11. The Australian Bachelor. The actual human being. Not just the show (which is so much better than the American version).
  12. Hook turns. I still don’t really know what this is, but apparently, it’s a really complicated driving turn and I think America and the world can do without it.
  13. Month-to-month data plans. Fuck you, Sprint.
  14. Olive leaf. It’s the Australian version of Emergen-C that has some sort of magical healing powers that makes you feel like Super Woman (yes, Super Woman) when you feel like you’re getting sick.
  15. “How are you going?” Let’s say it right.



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