I Travelled 65,000 Miles Around The World in 2017

“I feel like 2017 was just about…like realizing stuff.”


Annddd that’s a wrap for 2017! I’ve had some MAJOR adventures, met a ton of awesome people and travelled approximately 64,397miles around the world.

64,397 MILES!!

That’s almost 3 laps around planet Earth!

How wild.

I usually make a similar New Year’s resolution each year, and it always comes back to travel. Previous resolutions include: do one thing new every day, travel to 3 new countries, travel solo for a set amount of time, travel someplace new once a month… all that good stuff.  But at the start of 2017, I was locked into a job and didn’t think I would be able to commit to going to be able to effectively challenge myself to travel far and wide. The thought alone gave me anxiety… not a good way to begin the year.

For 2017, my resolution was to travel once a month. Didn’t matter if I had already been there, I just wanted to fuel my passion for travel somehow. I’m not writing this post to be like oh, here’s all the places I traveled, blah, blah, blah. No, I hope to give you travel inspiration so that you can make your own travel based resolution or find a bucket list experience that you might also want to have.

Here we go:


Skydiving in the Middle of Nowhere 1

Skydiving in Texas

I began 2017 in Austin, Texas with my best friends and skydiving in the middle of nowhere. Then flew 1,513 miles back to NYC. The next week I went to San Francisco to visit Taylor and we saw Marshmello for the second time (highly recommend seeing one of his shows).

Then I drive to Killington, Vermont with Kevin, Michael and Michelle. (No, we SURPRISINGLY didn’t kill each other).  We had a blasssttt drinking too much cider and skiing down the black diamonds. Ha, yeah right. It’s all about the greens. Apres ski for days.


How LA's Lifestyle Is Totally Different From NYC & Miami 3

Being bougie at Malibu Wines

I drove back to Vermont a few weeks later with 10 of my friends. It was the first time I had ever traveled with so many peeps! We stayed in this little cabin in the woods and I taught myself how to snowboard (my tailbone still hurts).

Then I flew to LA to see my best friend Tanza, and she took me all around town. But the highlight of this trip was taking the afternoon to explore Malibu Wines. I also noticed a ton of differences between LA and NYC.


Thoughts That Drive Me Crazy While Traveling Alone 

Bikeriding through Denmark

This was a big one for me! My first solo trip abroad. And I flew allll the way to Stockholm , Sweden where I lost my phone on the first night. Then I took a train to Copenhagen, Denmark which then became my 24th country in my 24th year!  I spent 2 days exploring the city and found that the  Little Mermaid is totally overrated.


9 Things to Do With Friends When Traveling to Fort Lauderdale 3

Home sweet home

Then I left my job and made a spontaneous trip home. This is when I decided that I’m going to pack up my life and travel the world.



Goodbye New York

So I packed up my life in NYC, worked briefly in a restaurant and broke up with the best gym ever. This was, honestly, my favorite month in NYC because I got to enjoy the city and do everything I’ve always wanted to do. Then I flew home with 3 suitcases and didn’t look back.


Your Guide to the British Virgin Islands 1

Hello new life of travel!

I went on a family vacation to the British Virgin Islands. I’ve traveled with my parents before, but it had been a while. It’s definitely a different experience than traveling with friends! (And not in a bad way. Just different, ya know?)

June was also a big month because, on June 27, I said goodbye to my home in Florida, to my parents and to America. I packed my life into one 50L backpack and flew to LA to meet up with Kevin, Taylor, and Carla. My last night in America was an interesting one…

Then we got on an 11-hour flight to Tokyo. And the next chapter of my life began.


48 hours in Taipei 3

Exploring Asia

So we landed in Tokyo on July 1. Smack dab in the middle of the year. Recapping this month, you’ll see how fast I traveled with my friends. It was a whirlwind of a month and completely worth it.

So we visited Mt. Fuji, then flew to Taipei, Taiwan. We were pleasantly surprised by the entire city (the food, the people, the nightlife are all unexpectedly AWESOME). Then we flew to Bangkok, Thailand where I got to experience Khao San Road and eat a scorpion for the first time. Yum. This is also the city where the world’s weirdest tuk-tuk ride took place.

From Bangkok, we flew to Surat Thani and took a 3-hour bus to a port to take a ferry to Koh Phangan for the FULL MOON PARTY. Put this on your bucket list because it was one of my favorite nights ever.

Then I got really sick. Likeeee disgustingly sick with travelers diarrhea and we had a 15 hour travel day ahead of us

Eventually, we made it to Hanoi, Vietnam. I was still recovering from whatever bug I had so I didn’t venture out much. We did take an 8-hour round trip to Ha Long Bay for a junk boat tour, and that was pretty cool.

After a few days, we flew to Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam. I got to meet up with an old friend and finally started to feel better. Good thing too, because after Saigon we flew allll the way to Bali.

Ahhh Bali. It’s one of my favorite places. I met some cool Kiwis here and went on a banana boat ride haha. And then I realized, I could live in Canggu.



New home, who dis

After spending almost 3 weeks in Bali, I flew to Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia to meet up with Jack and travel around the country for 10 days. We went took a bus to Penang and Langkawi and it absolutely surprised us at how beautiful the country is!

From there, I flew to Melbourne, Australia and currently call it my new home. And what an adjustment that was!


All of the Food You Need to Eat in Pai

In foodie paradise in Northern Thailand

While I was adventuring around Australia, I decided I wasn’t done with Asia yet. I had some unfinished business with Northern Thailand. So I asked Jack if he would meet me there and we spent 16 days roaming around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai. This is where I lost my phone while swimming with monks.


I was still in Thailand during the first week of October, but that was it for the big trips for this month. October is when I really began to appreciate living in Australia. I have to admit that when I first moved to Melbourne, I wasn’t completely sold on it. I might have also been homesick. Then I started to make friends and got comfortable with the city.


I Travelled 65,000 Miles Around The World in 2017 2

Chillin in Noosa

After living in Australia for 3 months, I realized that I had only been to the state of Victoria. I was dying to explore a different state, particularly Queensland, so I booked a ticket to Brisbane. I heard of Sunshine Coast and Noosa and thought, why not? Jack had just come back from Southeast Asia so I met him in Brisbane and we road tripped up to Sunny Coast. I’m overdue for a post on this awesome weekend in Sunny Coast, but I’ll write one up soon! My best travel advice is to check out the Fairy Pools in Noosa while you’re there!


I Travelled 65,000 Miles Around The World in 2017 4

Great Ocean Road

Since moving to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road was at the top of my bucket list. I was just waiting for it to get warmer. Jack and I booked an Airbnb in Apollo Bay and did the 2-day road trip along the Shipwreck Coast and saw the 12 Apostles, waterfalls and a wild baby koala crossing the road.

Fun fact: If you drained the ocean along the coast, you would see thousands of sunken shipwrecks.

For my last trip of the year, I’m on my way to Brisbane. I’m spending Chrissy with Jack and his sis then we’re driving down the Gold Coast to Byron Bay for New Years. And get this, I’m ending the year skydiving over the Gold Coast, just like last year! I think this might be a new tradition.

I have lots of trips planned for 2018! Let’s see if I can break 70,000 miles around the world.




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